Hello, I’m Sarah.
Owner and Creative Director of
'Mose &'.

Where it all began.

With over a decade of event planning and production experience, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the worlds most renowned brands, from music festivals to fashion shows. This experience has been the building blocks behind creating 'Mose &'.

My obsession with events started from an early age being taken here, there and everywhere with my mum who used to work on the events team for our local radio station. I remember meeting B*Witched when I was 8 at an event she’d organised and honestly thinking, ‘nothing else in life can top this moment’. She really did have the coolest job!

I went on to study Fashion at University knowing full well at the end of my three years, I wanted to move to London to work in Fashion Events. And, that is exactly what I did.  After a whirlwind career, moving from fashion to drinks I finally landed my ‘dream’ job - working with huge brands to create experiences across 38 of the UK's largest music festivals. The pandemic hit. I always intended on going back to work, but in the meantime, I set up Mose & to help people find safe ways to celebrate the milestones that were passing them by during 2020. From micro weddings to garden parties of 6, it was the best and most rewarding way to spend my lockdown. 

As the year passed us by and the world started opening up, garden parties turned into bigger events with brands & private clients and our micro-weddings turned into intricately designed large weddings. My dream of creating and designing events for my own clients was happening under my nose and it really was a now or never moment. I decided not to return to work and committed myself fully to my business. And that was when the ‘Mose &’ studio was born!  

I adore my job and truly feel it's the biggest honour to help my clients celebrate life's biggest milestones.